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How old is the earth? Check below for english article.

Hoe oud is die aarde? Nuutste info 2017

–  As ons kyk na die menings wat die nuwe wetenskaplikes huldig na die val van die miljarde jare is daar 3 punte wat duidelik uitstaan. Dit is 1) Die sediment studies, 2) Die siklus studies en 3) die Bybel tot 40 000 jaar. Kom ons kyk vandag na ‘n verkorte weergawe van die punte oor hoe oud is die aarde.

1) Die sediment – Hoe oud is die aarde

Die mense wat die navorsing doen het reeds bewys dat die aarde in die orde van 42 000 jaar oud is. Dis veral die see inligting oor lood(Pb) wat die aandag vestig op die foutiewe radiometriese toetse en bewys dat die radiometriese toetse nie alleen of in afsondering gebruik kan word nie. Ook die toetse op bene het bewys dat ouderdomme verkeerd bepaal word. Dus, as jy weet beendere is 1000 jaar oud volgens datum en die toetse sou dit as 150 000 jaar aantoon dan is dit duidelik nie aanvaarbaar nie. So, hoe oud is die aarde?

2) Die siklus studies (Milankovitch cycles)- Hoe oud is die aarde?

Hierdie is ‘n ander tiepe studie van sediment waar die sediment in formasies gemeet word in siklusse. Dit is soos die jaarringe van bome. Elke siklus van die winter/somer of droogte en nat toestande gee bepaalde tendense. As die aarde nou verder ontleed word in waggelende rotasie om die aarde se as dan vorm dit ook siklusse.

Hierdie siklusse gee veranderings in formasies en gee dus ouderdomme waarmee die radiometriese toetse gemeet kan word. As die toetse verskil is daar dus iets fout in die navorsings toetse. As dit ooreenstem toon dit goeie feite wat ge-ag werklik kan wees. Ongelukkig verskil die toetse geweldig. Dis ongeveer 320 000 keer. As jy dus radiometriese toetse het van miljarde moet jy dit met 320 000  deel om naby die werklikheid te kom. Hoe oud is die aarde?

3) Die bybel as 40 000 jaar – Hoe oud is die aarde?

Hierdie nuwe studies beweer dat Usher wat die ouderdom van die mens op aarde bepaal het foutief mag wees. Die bewering is dat Usher sekere aannames gemaak het wat nie korrek is nie. As die ouderdomme volgens mense se geskiedenis gemaak word deur die geslagte te ontleed sou dit tot 40 000 jaar kon wees.

Uit al hierdie studies vind ons dat dit baie moeilik is om die proses verkeerd te bewys soos in die geval van radiometriese toetse. Ons kan wel bepaal dat alle wetenskaplike studies gebaseer op feite die aarde as tussen 6000 en 42 000 jaar aandui.  So oud is die aarde.

Die volgende grafiek gee ‘n aanduiding van die nuutste studies.

Age of the earth

So, oud is die aarde of Hoe oud is die aarde?


How old is the earth? (translated)


This is a growing subject due to more evidence and the availability of information on the Internet. People can’t produce their own idea not withstanding all the scientific facts or theories. Gladly there is a lot of scientist who really wants to determine the age of the earth and not trying to prove a theory nor is being paid to prove anything.

The type of rock to be used to test for the age of the earth.

Firstly you can’t use any rock that appears to be “old”. Keep in mind that the universe is so old that we cannot determine the age. Stars that are billions and billions of light years away can be notice in space. We can use the word infinity when we refer to the age of the universe. When we ask how old is our solar or sun system we can only use items that was formed after the existence of our solar system. So, how old is the earth.

You can only take lava or a meteor that enters the earth’s atmosphere and melted the earth’s surface as a sample. In this way you know that the rock was reformed on earth and thus not in universe at some unknown time. Currently radio-metric dating tests had been done on lava but without success. The tests were been done on lava that was cooled down on land and in the sea and these lava tests differ by millions of years. Test done on lava that was 32 years old tested between 35 000 to 2.8 million years old.( Geochron Laboratories of Cambridge). In New Zealand lava was tested and the results was between 270 000 and 3.5 million years old. The real age was less than 50 years. Also the 1801 Hualalai flow show results of millions of years. The method is thus not adequate and more research is required before we can use the radio-metric dating type of tests.

A recent report writer says that radio-metric dating is proven because many different methods all give the same results. This would be interesting if true, but it simply isn’t. Many different methods have been proposed to estimate the age of the earth, and they give results ranging from billions of years, to a million or so.

Some people think that the earth was melted together. This is not correct and there is enough evidence to prove it. Water, all the different minerals and the surface of the earth is enough to prove melting as impossible.

The rocks of the earth.

If we ask how old is the earth. We have to look at the only way the earth could be formed. People may differ concerning the method but all agree that the rocks were from universe and was being united into a planet. At that stage there was little or no gravity and no atmosphere. The speed of the rocks was thus low and it was like putting it together rather than melting it together.

The size of the rocks did differ from small to the size of an average mountain. As the rocks increases the pressure increases and resulted into a core that has melted. The rough surface was formed and finally an atmosphere was formed.

According to Albert Einstein the forces to start this process is impossible in space and after years he decided that without forces created by super being’s this type of process is impossible. Religious people will be glad about this. Even more, the process to put water on the earth and hydrogen on the sun is impossible without a type of God. This sadly means to the evolutionists that their theory is impossible. There is no way a sun and an earth with water were possible without “super beings” with excessive powers.

“ In view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited human mind, am able to recognize, there are yet people who say there is no God. But what really makes me angry is that they quote me for the support of such views” -Albert Einstein.

How old is the earth?

To answer this question we do need a modern approach and unite the theories and facts together as developed over years. We now know that we can’t use any rock nor can we use any formation as this may be formed prior to the existence of the earth.

One way scientist is using is to study the rivers of the earth. Sediment proves that the earth age may very between 4500 years to 3 million years. There is enough evidence that the earth and human beings exist for more than 6000 years. Also pine trees exist between 4500 and 7000 years according to the year-rings of the trees.

Why are there no trees that is fifty thousand or millions years old? The only conclusion is that the earth is not that old.

How old is the earth and the moon?

On the moon ashes is between 1/8 and 3 inches think. This proves that the amount of ashes from the sun is possible in less than 8000 years. The moon orbits the earth and therefore we do believe that it is of the same age.

How old is the earth? There exists enough evidence and facts that the earth is between 6000 and 3 million years old. According to some test the 3 million may be too much but we do not have enough evidence to prove it yet.

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